Give your little ones the freedom to run, jump and explore with absolute confidence thanks to our range of high-performing DRY-EX activewear for kids. Clever quick-drying, moisture-wicking fabric technology ensures little adventurers remain cool, comfortable and dry no matter how demanding their latest expedition. Choose from a range of kids' T-shirts and kids' shorts in a variety of colours, prints and patterns, all enhanced with powerful DRY-EX technology.

A high-performance, soft touch fabric that instantly dries sweat to keep you comfortable on the go.

Introducing: high-performance kids' T-shirts designed to keep up with little ones no matter how much they move. Enhanced with innovative DRY-EX material, these T-shirts for boys and girls provide reliable moisture-wicking, odour-neutralising, breathable performance for long-lasting comfort on the go. Browse a range of colours, prints and patterns, including designs curated by modern artist Meguru Yamaguchi.