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Join us and Barcelona magazine THE PLANT for a story about people who love flowers, sharing thoughts on how they can add sparkle to your life.

THE PLANT magazine

The latest issue of THE PLANT available in three cover designs. An aesthetically immersive magazine that will change the way you look at plants. Issue 21, planned for April, will feature content from this collaboration.


Claire Boreau

Floral Artist

“My grandfather loved art and painting. He was a third-generation butcher, and I inherited the space,” says Claire, welcoming us at the entrance. Working in Paris as a flower artist, she creates visuals and arrangements for filming. Her connection to flowers goes back to childhood. “My father gave me a bouquet every Sunday. Just like you can’t pick favourites with your children, no flower stands above the rest. I love that.” Claire wears a chic matching outfit in her studio, a place rich with family memories. It’s a beautiful sight.

Matthew Wright & Izabella Doyle

Gardener, Co-founder of Wright and Doyle


Meet Matthew (right), a gardener in a rural part of South London, and his partner Izabella (left), who dove into the fashion world at sixteen and built a career as a designer. In 2017, they leveraged their shared expertise to found Wright and Doyle. Taking inspiration from traditional gardening uniforms, the brand’s items suit any gender. “Functionally placed pockets make them great for daily use,” says Matthew. For a lifestyle immersed in plants, utilitarian workwear is essential.

Pierre Banchereau

Owner, Debeaulieu


“Everyone feels close to flowers. They have a special power,” says Pierre, who runs a lauded flower shop in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. The name “Debeaulieu” belonged to his nature-loving grandparents. Eight years ago, he linked up with THE PLANT. It started with a bouquet he designed for a photo shoot. “The magazine captures the wonder of plant life,” says Pierre. At the end of our visit, he gave everyone their own bouquet. “I love the designs of Uniqlo U and visit the Paris Opéra store often. Thanks for today.” His love of flowers shines through in his bearing and his dress.

Mathilde Martin

Ceramics Artist


Entranced at a young age by the texture and smell of clay, Mathilde knew she wanted to be a ceramicist. During the pandemic, she moved her studio from Paris to Brittany, where she and her family used to go on holiday. “Out in the country, I felt my spirits calm. Being surrounded by nature has positively influenced my ceramics.” She says that thinner, lighter work takes extra skill. “These clothes are so light that it feels like I’m not wearing them. Which matters in ceramics. The navy T-shirt is a colour that means a lot to me. I love it.”

How a love of plants became a magazine

To cap things off, we spoke with Cristina Merino, editor in chief of THE PLANT. The world has lots of magazines, but one that saunters freely from plant science into photography, art, fashion, food, ecology and gardening is rare. In 2011, the year the magazine was founded, Barcelona received particularly little rain, which impacted the vegetation. People were becoming less aware of plant life. So what drove Cristina to start this unique publication?

“My younger sister Isabel and I were raised in a little Spanish town called Santander, surrounded by nature. We’d go mushroom hunting with our grandfather, who loved the woods and could tell just from the wind what the day’s weather would be like. How wonderful is that? We moved to Barcelona when I was twelve, but I’ve never lost my love of plants. Working with Isabel and her friend Carol, we started the magazine as a way to spread the love.”

These women have made a magazine that only they could make. Our collaboration for this issue features four perspectives on flowers. “We asked plant professionals to share their unique way of seeing things. Claire opens with her gorgeous arrangements. Matthew, the gardener, is also a fantastic editor who comes up with lots of great ideas for us. Pierre, the florist, makes great bouquets using overlooked plants. And Mathilde, the ceramicist, creates elegant vessels that are ideal for flowers, in a nonchalant style that highlights the clothing of the feature.”

Designed by Uniqlo U artistic director Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran, this season’s collection can be summed up as lightweight, functional workwear.

It’s a heartwarming story of people and flowers. One bouquet can brighten up a room. Natural beauty calms the body and the soul. May the love shared by THE PLANT transform into buds that blossom in your life.

Cristina Merino

Editor in Chief

Cristina started her career as a journalist at a newspaper. In 2011, she co-founded THE PLANT magazine with her sister Isabel Merino, and her friend Carol Montpart, who both work as creative directors for the magazine. She also works as an agent, helping fashion and beauty brands with content creation and campaigns.

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