Designer interview

Designer interview

We talked to Jonathan Anderson about the inspiration and concept behind the Autumn/Winter 2021 collection.

What was your inspiration for this collection, and what message would you like to convey to the wearer?

For me this collection was really about embracing the season. I wanted something that felt very autumnal in a way and that also felt quite like autumn in the British countryside. I wanted it to feel comfortable and worn. Almost cosy in a way.

How did you create the colour palette? What’s the overall mood?

I liked the idea of mixing colour and pattern. The tartan mixed with the warm colour palette, I think, really feels like autumn.

Why did you collaborate with Peter Rabbit? Any personal memories?

As a child the Beatrix Potter books were the first ones I had. I think they’re very much a part of British culture. She was a real pioneer in storytelling and today the stories have become iconic.

There are some varsity items in this collection. How are these uniquely British, in comparison to “preppy” or “ivy” style?

At JW Anderson we have visited the idea of sport or varsity in a few collections. You know my father was a rugby player and a coach. My brother played rugby as well. I think the idea of sport is a part of my family and I liked including that spirit in this collection.

You always have very charming socks in the collection. Why is that? Do you wear colourful or patterned socks yourself?

I love accessories. Whether it’s a bag, or a scarf, or even socks. For me, it's those little things that can finish, or give something special to, a look.

What is your most heart-warming holiday memory?

I remember when I was a kid, my parents built a pretend supermarket with all these fake, plastic things to sell. It was called The Anderson Shop.

What do you cherish the most when you design “LifeWear”? Through the pandemic, what changed and what did not?

When I think of LifeWear I think of something that can be reused and reused as it comes in and out of fashion. And I think of clothing that can be stylish and comfortable at the same time. Clothing that is easy to wear in one’s everyday life.