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  • Instant sun protection

    Discover our collection of UV protection clothing that allows you to block 90% of UV rays to protect yourself in the sun.

    This hoodie is made from breathable mesh to keep kids cool and comfortable.


    With a chin guard to prevent the zip from touching the chin.

    This hoodie also features breathable AIRism technology.

    UV protection

    Wearable sun protection.


    Dries sweat and moisture quickly, leaving you feeling fresh and allowing your clothes to dry fast.

    Smooth to the touch

    Ultra-fine fibres that feel soft and smooth to the touch.


    Multi-directional stretch gives you wonderful freedom of movement.

    What is UV protection clothing?

    We tailor our UV protection to each of our products, from UPF15 - 50+. You might not expect light colours to provide UV protection, but you can wear these pieces in the summer sun with confidence.

    UPF ranges from 15 - 50+. This scale indicates how long your skin is protected from UVA and UVB rays.

    For example, clothing rated UPF40 provides 40 times the protection compared to bare skin.


    Can light summer fabrics protect against UV damage?

    We've added UV protection technology to a range of summer clothing, offering protection from UPF15 - 50+.

    Does UV protection reduce with washing?

    We tested our UV protection through a third party organisation, who found that protection remains the same, even after ten washes.

    For fabrics that are designed to absorb UV rays, the protection may gradually decrease after several years of repeated washing.

    Fabrics that are designed to reflect UV rays should not lose their protection, as the reflective material is in the very fibres of the fabric. If fibres thin over repeated washing and wear, UV protection may reduce.