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    Jeans for living

    Jeans for living

    Discover the UNIQLO denim collection: thoughtfully designed for everyday life.

    UNIQLO jeans

    A fusion of tradition and innovation, our jeans are created using a combination of forward-thinking technology and Japanese tradition. As well as making jeans that look great and feel comfortable, we are committed to reducing the burden on both the global environment and our workers. Our four pillars are at the forefront of everything we do.


    Jeans that fit seamlessly into your life

    Our jeans are beautifully simple and versatile, free from embellishment or decoration, allowing them to fit seamlessly into your life.


    Artisanal craft and premium materials

    Many of our jeans* are made in partnership with Kaihara Denim; whose quest for perfection involves carefully-selected raw materials and artisanal dyeing and weaving techniques.

    *Not all jeans are made with Kaihara.


    Forward-thinking technology for modern comfort

    Our Jeans Innovation Center in Los Angeles uses cutting-edge technology to ensure our denim is as comfortable as it is authentic.


    Practices that reduce enviromental impact

    Blue Cycle jeans use up to 99% less water* during the finishing process and harness advanced laser distressing to reduce the physical labour required from workers.

    *Based on a comparison between Men‘s Regular Fit Jeans (68 BLUE) from 2017 and 2018, using technology developed in 2018 by our Jeans Innovation Center. Water savings may vary slightly between products.


    This skinny fit won’t lose its shape with wear.

    Updated with a mid-rise cut.



    Five-pocket design with authentic stitching detail.

    Fitted around the waist and thighs, with a straight cut to the ankle.

    Craft and sustainability

    Denim, but not as we know it.

    Masaaki Matsubara, director, Jeans Innovation Centre

    Jody Dailey, women’s denim designer, Jeans Innovation Centre

    In the past, a large amount of water was used in the washing process that is essential to create a premium texture. We needed to make fundamental improvements and introduced a washing machine that allows “ozone gas washing” and “nanobubble washing” that uses virtually no water. By combining these, we succeeded in reducing water usage by up to 99%* while maintaining the quality of jeans. We are now able to finish jeans with approximately one teacup of water.

    Our Jeans Innovation Centre, which launched in 2016, conducts experiments and research to evolve denim. The laser machine that was introduced removes the requirement for manual labour to create distressed denim, and removes the risks caused by chemicals and dust. We now apply data to create a bespoke distressed look for each item, using lasers to create a worn look.

    From manual to machine processing

    Laser distressing