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    • Looking After Your Clothes #1 Cotton Shirts

    How to care for your clothes
    #1 Cotton Shirts

    We want you to enjoy your favourite clothes for years to come.
    Here are some tips for how to make your cotton shirts last longer.

    Too many creases

    Some tips on how to prevent creases during washing.

    • Reduce spin time

      The regular spin cycle on a washing machine is too long for shirts and that’s why they get so creased. Set your spin cycle to roughly one minute.

    • Stretch out seams before drying

      Seams and hems tend to shrink in the wash. Run your hands firmly down these areas while the shirt is still damp to stretch them out before tumble drying or hanging.

    You take good care of our products.
    We take extra care when selecting materials.

    Ironing shirts is
    hard work

    Some tips to reduce ironing time and save energy.

    • Shake out your shirts

      Before placing your shirt on the ironing board, shake and smooth it firmly from top to bottom to remove any large creases and reduce ironing time.

    • Steam forward, slide back

      When moving your iron, release steam on the forward movement to soften the fabric, and turn off the steam on the way back for a firm press and an efficient, crisp finish.

    Reducing ironing time by one minute can save 20Wh of electricity*.
    You take care to reduce energy use when looking after your clothes.
    We take care to reduce environmental impact during the manufacturing process.

    *Based on a 1200W iron that is plugged in throughout use.
    The amount of electricity used will differ depending on the product,
    the environment it is used in, and the conditions of use.

    Enjoy wearing your favourite clothes for longer,
    then recycle them when you no longer need them -
    this is UNIQLO’s vision of sustainability.
    Together we can help to use precious resources more efficiently and reduce waste.