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LifeWear magazine

Gorgeous nature and a unique island culture, home to a rich and vibrant way of life.
This is a story of how LifeWear fits into the lifestyle and alluring crafts of Okinawa.

PEOPLE and LifeWear

A glimpse into the lives of two fascinating artisans who call these islands home.

OKINAWA Discovering Blue

Fresh blues are part of the Okinawan colour palette. Let’s take a tour of three ways of making blue.

Episode 01

Traditional Okinawan Indigo Dyeing

Episode 02

Toward an Oceanic Shade of Blue

Episode 03

Sustainable Ramune Blue

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What's Be.Okinawa?

Founded in 2013, Be. Okinawa is a local tourism studio. “Be” is about being present, prompting you to partake in an experience. This island is a place of beautiful nature and warm-hearted people, where you can be your true self. A place where travellers, whoever they might be, can soak up the fresh air, mingle with the locals, and connect from the heart.

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