• World Refugee Day | June 20th, 2021

World Refugee Day | June 20th, 2021

UNIQLO is donating 3 million AIRism masks to forcibly displaced people across the world, including those who need them the most, children.

What can we do to help refugees?
For those who have fled from conflicts and wars and lost their homes,
they are now at risk of a global pandemic.
We can help by delivering the power of clothing.
This year, Fast Retailing, the company behind UNIQLO, is providing
3 million pieces of AIRism masks to forcibly displaced people across the world,
especially to the most vulnerable: children.

In 2021, we celebrate 10 years of the global partnership with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.
Over this decade, we have expanded our areas of contribution from donating clothes to refugee employment at UNIQLO stores and awareness-raising of the issues of global forced displacement.
We will continue to harness the power of clothing to ensure millions of people are protected with AIRism masks.

Refugee Assistance During COVID-19

We are donating 3 million AIRism masks to protect from refugees from COVID-19

79.5 million (As of 2019) people have been forced to leave their homes due to conflicts and persecution. Many of them live in environments with inadequate services. With the spread of COVID-19, they face many other challenges, including their health, education and livelihoods, in refugee camps and densely populated urban spaces. Under the global partnership, Fast Retailing and UNHCR are distributing AIRism masks to prevent the spread of the virus. The masks will be distributed to refugees, displaced people and their communities, especially the most vulnerable, children. Fast Retailing and UNHCR will continue to protect and provide support to people forced to flee to achieve a more sustainable world where "no one is left behind."

We will donate USD 100,000 to UNHCR to support refugees and displaced people affected by COVID-19.

Since the spring of 2020, many schools including the ones in refugee camps, have been closed around the world. Some of the children have been out of school for almost a year. Many have started working to support their families during COVID-19. This contribution is intended to support refugees and displaced children who have been severely affected but the pandemic, through the repair and construction of schools and sanitation facilities, internet connection for online education and financial support to attend school.

What We Have Done To Support Refugees

The Global Partnership with UNHCR

Bringing Refugee Craftsmanship To The Global Market
UNCHR Global Brand MADE51

Opportunities to work and earn a living are critical for refugees to rebuild their lives with dignity. In 2018, UNHCR launched MADE51, a brand of handcrafts made by refugees, to enable them to use the traditional skills of their homelands to become economically independent in their new settlements and contribute to their host communities. Working with local social enterprises, refugees are developing their expertise in design, logistics and marketing to create products that can be sold in the global market. Since 2020, we have supported MADE51 as part of its refugee self-reliance program, helping to raise brand awareness and support for refugees as they earn a living for their families.