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              Authentic and available in various shades of indigo. Denim for everyday wear in classic and modern styles.


              SELVEDGE DENIM

              Extremely rare selvedge denim is carefully woven on old-fashioned looms. As you wear these jeans, you can enjoy the natural fading that occurs on the leg and hip areas.

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              Stretch Slim Fit Tapered Color

              With stretch fabric that moves with you and a tapered leg for a stylish skinny jean look. Available in a variety of colors.


              Stretch Jeans

              Classic denim jeans get a twist with stretch fabric for a slimming silhouette and ease of movement.

              Slim Fit Straight

              Made of selvedge denim woven on vintage looms, these jeans have a sleek, modern fit.

              UNIQLO JEANS 2014

              Learn about how and where UNIQLO jeans are manufactured. Sourced from premium Kaihara denim in Japan, the process comes from a tradition of making high quality denim for the past 120 years. View the spinning, dyeing and weaving process at the factory in Hiroshima and learn about the care and detail that goes into the finished product.

              slim fit

              Slim Fit Straight

              The classic straight fit of these jeans make them an everyday basic to dress up or dress down.

              About Kaihara

              skinny fit

              regular fit

              Regular Fit Straight

              Made of selvedge denim woven on vintage looms, these classic jeans go with just about anything.