WOMEN Premium Down Ultra Light Parka B

  • ITEM CODE:072646


UNIQLO's famed Ultra light down parka. The ultimate in lightness and warmth. This design features a drawstring waist which you can tighten to create your own shapely silhouette.

Using fine nylon and a production process which does not involve packing is what contributes to making our Ultra light down range so amazingly light.

Compact and handy they are easy to take around with you with the handy travel bag. In a rainbow colour spectrum there is one for everybody.

Please note: Due to the natural characteristics of feathers, some down and feathers may stick out along the seams from the friction and static electricity. In such case no not pull the down and feathers out. Pull them back in from the opposite side.

Shell: 100% Nylon/ Filling: 90% Down, 10% Feather/ Lining, 100% Nylon
Hand Wash