AIRism is made from a light breathable fabric which wicks away moisture for a cooling sensation. Keeping you dry and providing all day long comfort.

AIRism provides cool comfort for a range of situations, all year round. AIRism makes for great gym wear, wicking away moisture and sweat much faster than a standard cotton T-shirt. The lightness of AIRism makes it perfect for lounging around the home, due to how un-obtrusive it is to wear. For those who like to wear base layers underneath their clothes, AIRism is the perfect choice to help you maintain your cool throughout the day.








Ultra fine fibres provide a smooth texture, which is soft to the touch. Fitting you like a second skin.

The fine micro fibres within AIRism allow body heat and moisture to escape. Quickly drying away sweat and perspiration.

The elasticity of AIRism provides a perfect fit - fitting you like a second skin, without compromising movement or maneuverability.

AIRism undergoes a special treatment process which neutralises odours.

AIRism is fully breathable. Absorbing moisture and perspiration and releasing it through the garment to leave you feeling cool and comfortable.

The fibres of AIRism undergo a special process which prevents the growth of bacteria, thereby eliminating unwanted odours.

AIRism provides a cooling sensation which is felt the second it comes in contact with your skin.

Stretches to fit the body, for a snug forming fit.

The fine micro fibres in AIRism allows heat and moisture to escape. Keeping you dry, cool and comfortable all day long.