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  • Pizza Pilgrims started life in 2011, after James and Thom, drove a three wheeled Piaggio Ape back from Italy on a 6 week "Pizza Pilgrimage" of discovery. Once home, they installed a Neapolitan pizza oven and sold our first pizza on Berwick St Market. Since then, they have traded at a huge variety of events across the country, and opened two pizzerias in Soho (so we can make pizza even despite rain).

    Pizza Pilgrims

    How did you get started in your outdoor pursuit?

    We used to have much more boring jobs and hated them! I'm afraid the idea really came about after a few pints in the pub. We wanted to work in food and the street food movement was just starting out and thought -- "We want to be part of that!!"

    What is the best part about what you do?

    Eating A LOT of pizza is one obvious perk of the job! Its also great being your own boss and having the freedom to put all your stupid ideas into practice! We've just been able to start our own brand of Limoncello called Sohocello which has been a real (albeit drunken) adventure...

    What is the best part about working in the urban outdoors?

    Working on an old London market is great - The characters you meet are amazing! It's also great that we get to travel all over London and get to places that you would never usually see. There's something quite cool about being at the mercy of the weather - it really makes you feel you've earned a drink at the end of the day!

    How do you deal with your pursuit when the weather is rubbish?

    Yeah you have to take a fairly philosophical approach towards the weather in London! I think Billy Connolly had it right when he said "There's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing".

    Tell us your favourite thing about Heat Tech.

    I like that it doesn't look like sportswear. Being pizza chefs I don't think we could say that we have the classic "swimmers bodies" so clothes that aren't basically spray on is quite a relief!!

    What they wore

  • The Pothole Gardener project is all about creating unexpected moments of happiness. Gardener, Steve, believes little gardens are a respite from the greyness of London. Steve plants all year round no matter the weather!

    The Pothole Gardener

    How did you get started in your outdoor pursuit?

    I wanted to turn something crappy into something a little happier. Pothole annoy everyone - so I decided to spruce them up with some little gardens to make people smile.

    What is the best part about what you do?

    I love the reaction on peoples faces when they stumble across my little gardens. At first it's a puzzled look, and then it's a smile. I love the unexpected conversations people have around my installations.

    What is the best part about working in the urban outdoors?

    Being outside makes you feel alive, especially in the chilly London winter. It makes you feel connected in this big city we live in.

    How do you deal with your pursuit when the weather is rubbish?

    One thing I've learnt about living in London is you can't let the weather stop you do anything, otherwise you'd be stuck inside the whole time...

    Tell us your favourite thing about Heat Tech.

    It feels great, and keeps you super warm.

    What they wore

  • Graffiti Life is a London based art collective that has been producing work together for nearly 5 years. Although their style of art and indeed their method of creating pieces is very different, they share a similar work ethic - not letting any part of London weather stop them from inspiring crowds on the streets!

    Graffiti Life

    How did you get started in your outdoor pursuit?

    Graffiti was something I did with my friends, it was a social thing. Often I didn't even take photos of what I had painted, it was just about the experience. I never imagined that graffiti would become my career it was just a way to express myself and create art in a very free way, completely differently to the way I was making (or being made to make) art in school.

    What is the best part about what you do?

    I get to meet different people every day. Sometimes I think about the places that graffiti has taken me, from abandoned warehouses and railway sidings to five star hotels and celebrity parties. It has allowed me to see the world. I love that there is a sofa for me to sleep on in any country; I've stayed with people and we don't even share the same language, but we have shared experiences that bring us together.

    What is the best part about working in the urban outdoors?

    Fresh air. Friendly people. Crazy people. Knowing and interacting with your city, in a way that very few others do.

    How do you deal with your pursuit when the weather is rubbish?

    It's challenging. Rain is the worst enemy of spraypaint. But we're inventive and when we've decided we're painting a wall there is very little that will stop us. I've watched guys dry a wall down with their socks before now.

    Tell us your favourite thing about Heat Tech.

    When we're working in London and the weather is so unpredictable wearing Heat Tech makes us feel like we have a protective shield against the elements. This helps us be more confident; whether we're painting in a hailstorm or climbing up and down ladders all day in the sun. Movement is also important for us and we can move without restriction using Heat Tech.

    What they wore

  • Fixed Gear London is a group of riders who have a passion for their bikes and the way they ride them... Established in 2005 by Andy Ellis, the group hosts events & creates a multitude of content tailored towards Fixed Gear Riding. They are a fun group - with plenty to say - so we picked our favourite replies!

    Fixed Gear London

    How did you get started in your outdoor pursuit?

    I was a latecomer to cycling in general (as in, the Uni years) and it just so happened that I started out on fixed-gear. This 'method to get from A-B' very quickly turned into my passion, thanks to the FGLDN guys.

    I first started riding fixed gear in 2010. I soon realised that this would be something that I'll be doing for a very long time. Fixed gear can be very addictive. It's the control that I have on my bicycle that enthrals me. I am solely responsible for whatever I do on my bicycle - which is why I ride every day.

    Through skateboarding - my friend John who ran Tuesday Skate Shop showed me a film called MASH, put together by SF fixed gear riders and skaters of them riding crazily hard over there. We pretty much all found ways of getting our own bikes from then on and went riding from spot to spot skating. Eventually it became more and more important to me, I found Fixedgearlondon, and that was it! That was 7 years ago

    What is the best part about what you do?

    Freedom & self reliance; It's a simple & effective way of getting around London; I can get lots done in a day, leave later & have a bit of fun on my journey if I want to. I can rely on myself to get to a place, instead of TFL + I don't burn money on Travelcards. It's also encouraging to be part of a community which extends worldwide.

    Keeping fit without the dread and never having my day ruined by tube strikes.

    What is the best part about working in the urban outdoors?

    It constantly keeps me alert & fit; & I slowly get to learn the city, street by street, without the need for maps or GPS. I also get to see a lot & appreciate the outdoors on a daily basis.

    Sunny days. Whilst everyone is indoors I feel as though I'm seizing the day to its fullest. "Carpe diem" and all that. There is nothing like riding through the city whilst everyone is stuck in their cars due to traffic.

    How do you deal with your pursuit when the weather is rubbish?

    Weather's never that rubbish here, it's your attitude towards it more than anything. If you get caught out in heavy rain, just soaked to the bone, it can feel pretty great. You just start completely not giving a ****.

    Prepare. People (Londoners) usually only complain about the weather because they don't prepare for it, I always check the weather & try to choose the right outfit. Get a locker. I have shoes & clothes stashed in Lockers around London, (work, uni, gym etc) that way I don't get caught out & feel like a chump if/when it rains.

    Tell us your favourite thing about Heat Tech.

    I've used Heat Tech since Uniqlo first released it and it genuinely does the job for me on the coldest days. The fit prefect and it's comfortable to wear as both a base layer when I go riding or even when I'm just out & about in town on foot.

    My favourite thing about Heattech is its versatility. It is lightweight which means you don't have to cake on layers, but it is also stylish. Being a cyclist, it's hard to wear cycle specific clothing and make it stylish/casual. Heat tech helps me blend my cycling clothing in with my casual wear. I tend to wear basics (plain white t shirts) a lot which makes the heat tech range a staple in my wardrobe for the colder seasons.

    What they wore


Uniqlo HEATTECH 2014 – Terms and Conditions UK

UK – Short Ts&Cs
UK 16+. Normal exclusions apply. Promotion runs 10.11.14 – 20.11.14 or while stocks last. In-store redemption only. 1 x Uniqlo HEATTECH promotional T-shirt per redemption code. Correct garment sizes cannot be guaranteed. Codes must be redeemed within store opening times and promotional dates. Retain email code or promotional flyer to claim. For details of how to claim and full terms and conditions visit www.uniqlo.com/heattechuk Promoter: Uniqlo Europe LTD, 3rd Floor, 311 Oxford Street, London W1C 2HP

Terms and Conditions

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