Track and Field has played a big part of Daryl Shane Lee’s life. He’s just graduated from Temasek Polytechnic and completed his final race at the interschool POL-ITE competition, bagging a gold in the 4x100m race with the rest of his teammates.  

It all started when his brother got into the Track and Field team when they were in Primary School.

“It’s not so much that he inspired me to get into the sport,” Daryl laughs candidly, “I just had a competitive streak in me that wanted to beat him at it!” Since then, Daryl has been in the race for 12 years. What kept him going was more the camaraderie he had with the community, which played its part in fueling his passion for the sport.

Failures and setbacks are inevitable, and Daryl has accepted that they’re just a part and parcel of success. Two years ago, he snapped his hamstring a week before a competition, and that kept him off the track for six months. That only led him to train harder when he recovered, being able to beat his personal best at this year’s POL-ITE 200 men’s event.