• cupcake
  • lolipop
  • rolls
  • letter
  • friends
  • bouquet
  • happy holidays

A cute cupcake shape showcases the soft texture of fairy soft socks.

  • ・Cupcake mold
  • ・Thick paper
  • ・Boxcutter
  • ・Pen

A bright lollipop created using the patterns of two different pairs of socks.

  • ・Masking tape
  • ・Ribbon
  • ・Stick
  • ・Clear plastic bag

A simple wrapping method pairing colored wool
with clothing colors and patterns.

  • ・Scissors
  • ・Wool
  • ・Sticker

A cylindrical wrapping that gives a peek at the contents through
the cut-out initial and features a fun color contrast.

  • ・Pencil
  • ・Boxcutter
  • ・Thick paper
  • ・Ribbon

A familiar face created by folding clothes and adding accessories.

  • ・Scissors
  • ・Tape
  • ・Colored paper

A bouquet of nearby plants, brimming with nature and warm feelings.

  • ・Wrapping paper
  • ・Yarn
  • ・Leaves
  • ・Masking tape
  • ・Crayons
  • ・Thick paper
  • ・Adhesive
Happy Holidays

A charming gift that neatly combines handmade paper and warm clothing.

  • ・Pencil
  • ・Boxcutter
  • ・Thick paper
  • ・Clear plastic bag

Here are the 6 “wrap” artists that showed us these amazing ways to wrap!

Mao Muramatsu (Video Director / Art Director)

She has worked on many fashion-related videos, visual art projects, etc., and is currently active in various fields as a total creative director, which includes video and art direction.


Manami Inose (Graphic Designer / Workshop Creator)

Struck out on her own in 2012 with Noraneko Design. Mainly doing graphic design for advertisements, she stays active in many fields including websites, logos, character design, video art, designing and holding craft workshops, and working as a ukulele MC and model.


Keiko Hudson (Prop Stylist)

An active prop stylist based in Tokyo. She mainly works with styling and production of table spaces. Recently, she has also been doing visual image direction and prop styling for fashion, jewelry, makeup, and lifestyle brands.


Haruka Suzuki (Designer)

Awarded first prize in the Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer awards in 2012. Began working for Taki Corporation in 2012. Working on advertisements as a designer, she is also involved in the company’s TAKI PROJECTS. She also pursues her personal projects enthusiastically, including illustration and book-binding.

Tokyo Mitsurin (Decorator)

She creates freely, like an artist working with paint. In 2013, she launched Tokyo Mitsurin. There, she creates made-to-order weddings, live decorations, and commercial building designs from space planning down to the smallest arrangements and accessories.