How To Style Your Beige & White Clothing
How To Style Your Beige & White Clothing
May 15, 2020 WOMEN

Beige is a standard colour in fashion now, it's been popular since last year. As such, now’s the perfect time to try coordinates of light tones that lay summery white over a beige base. This combination of beige and white offers plenty of advantages, like a classy look that appears pricier than it truly is on top of a stylish feel. If you’re uncertain of where to begin, let us help. Here are seven contemporary styling techniques that are easy to use and take your stylish appearance to the next level!

1. Coordinate with an on-trend high waisted bottom

Pair a relaxed T-Shirt with super wide-fit jeans, by raising the waist’s position, you will look tall and trendy effortlessly.

2. Bring out beige tone with linen fabric

Create a monochromatic look with this one-piece outfit, a sleeveless dress that comes with a removable belt. Made with a blend of soft and faintly glossy linen and rayon, the fabric creates a beautiful drape and adds character to the beige tone. Layer on a linen shirt for a more casual style.

3. Take styling with white shirts to the next level

A white long-sleeve shirt offers great versatility and practicality, slipping easily into most looks. And a contemporary look easily achieved by choosing an oversized cut. You’ll love this shirt in particular. It’s tailored to have a three-dimensional form, it dazzles whether its hem is tucked in or left out. While the shirt looks great with black or gray bottoms, consider creating a monochrome coordinate and take this year’s look to the next level by pairing it with a pair of light-tone EZY Ankle Pants.

4. Monochromatic styling stands out even more with flattering silhouette

Turn heads with this Chiffon Pleated Skirt that has a billowy silhouette that prevents a monochromatic styling from appearing flat. Even if you choose a simple T-Shirt for you top, you will look professional instantly with our UV Cut Slit Long Cardigan.

5. Create an elongated silhouette

If you’re looking to create contrast while using the light shades of white and beige, then bring out a sharp, vertically long line. Start by pairing a tank top and skinny-fit pants to create a tight arrangement. Then wear a shirt dress over top. This dress’s beautiful silhouette will bring out the long, vertical line. This technique brings a clean feel and sharpness to light-tone coordinates.

6. Style with pieces of different fabrics

The secret to dazzling in this sophisticated and contemporary palette of light coffee tones is a bold use of sharply different fabrics. Pair this random ribbed T-Shirt with a smooth drape wide-leg pants, matching different textures prevents single-colour styling from appearing flat.

7. Monochromatic styling stands out even more with flattering silhouette

On-trend beige and khaki look great together. This combination of earth tones instantly evokes a contemporary feel in a classic coordinate that consists of a long dress and slender bottoms. This T-shirt dress has a trimmed lower half, owing to side slits, so it produces a good balance to the overall. And these leggings are sure to see frequent use because their made of the AIRism fabric that feels cool and comfortable against the skin.

Photography: Yuki Endo (of Moustache)

Styling: Makoto Fukuda

Hairstyling and makeup: Yumbou (of Ilumini)

Modeling: Satoko Miyata

Editing and text: Sachiko Hiruta