Keeping the Balance – Logic vs Emotion
Keeping the Balance – Logic vs Emotion
Feb 28, 2019 WOMEN

This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating all ladies who embrace the balancing act that comes with being a woman in today’s society. From playing a multitude of roles to juggling different facets, follow this 3-part series as we shine the spotlight on women who’ve managed to keep the balance and how it translates into their personal style.

A huge part of Efy’s life is in creating; and with it comes a confidence that we adore. We speak more to Efy about her approaches to client work and her own personal work; which are starkly different but what she essentially needs to balance.

Being a freelance designer involves hard skills like client, project and time management that comes with its ups and downs. Efy draws a lot more on a side of her that’s bolder and stronger to stand her ground and be on top of projects. In her own time, Efy works on what she calls “self-initiated projects” that are dictated a lot more by personal feelings and reflections at that point in time, or what she wants to explore in terms of mediums and concepts for the season.

Strength versus softness doesn’t just show up in Efy’s approach to design and art; she describes her style of dressing as androgynous: combining a tinge of delicate femininity with a dash of masculine zealousness. Whether she’s creating for clients or for herself, comfort in her clothes and in her own skin is always key.