UNIQLO to Launch “RISE AGAIN BY VERDY UT” Collection

First collaboration between Breakout Graphic Designer VERDY and UT

May 22, 2019, Singapore — UNIQLO UT, the Japanese global apparel retailer’s graphic T-shirt brand, announces the launch of the “RISE AGAIN BY VERDY UT” Collection. This is UT’s first collaboration with VERDY, a fast-rising graphic designer in the urban street culture scene. The UTs will be available from June 17 (Monday) at selected UNIQLO stores, while the dresses will be available at all UNIQLO stores. The full collection will be available online on UNIQLO.com.

The theme for this first collaboration between UNIQLO and VERDY is “RISE AGAIN,” filled with the positive and happy thoughts that VERDY wants to convey to women and children around the world. This led to a special collection of graphic designs with positive messages such as “Break the Mold,” “Live Fast, Live Long,” and “I’m the Luckiest” presented in VERDY’s characteristic typography, coupled with boxy, oversized silhouettes.


VERDY commented, “Just when I was thinking to share my graphics more extensively, I was approached by UT Creative Director NIGO. I thought that UT would be a good way to introduce my work to more people who don’t know who I am, and thus I agreed to the collaboration. Rather than using themes from my recent projects ‘Wasted Youth’ or ‘Girls Don’t Cry,’ we decided to revisit the message of ‘RISE ABOVE,’ in the spirit of aiming and rising higher even when the world changes. The idea of ‘Break the Mold’ is something that I feel all the time about pursuing new challenges. In this collection, I incorporate the messages that speak to me in my everyday life.”


Selected Product Images

Women’s UT & Dress


Kids’ UT




Born in 1987 in Osaka, VERDY is a graphic designer with VK DESIGN WORKS, who is involved in projects such as “Girls Don’t Cry” and “Wasted Youth.” He currently lives in Tokyo, where he is active mainly in the urban street scenes. His work is drawing attention both in Japan and overseas.