UNIQLO Celebrates Everyday Life in its Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

Aug., 2017, Singapore

UNIQLO is LifeWear

LifeWear is thoughtfully created clothing that makes everyday life better and more comfortable. It is apparel that comes from our Japanese values of simplicity, quality, and longevity, reflecting our commitment to perfection in everything from design to fabric, stitching, cut, and colour.

LifeWear caters to diverse people and lifestyles and embodies UNIQLO's belief that individuality comes not from clothes but the people wearing them.

LifeWear is constantly evolving in an ever-changing world, catering to new needs and delivering new value through technological innovations.

LifeWear aspires to make excellence affordable.

LifeWear exemplifies UNIQLO's mission of enabling people all over the world to experience the joy of wearing great clothes.


Denim and knits have transcended national and cultural boundaries by becoming everyday essentials for people the world over. At UNIQLO, we are combining our respect for the traditions of such items while harnessing innovations to ensure that essentials keep meeting contemporary needs.



Jeans are synonymous with LifeWear, evolving from their utilitarian workwear origins to part of the cultural landscape, from music and art to sport, and beloved around the world. UNIQLO added innovative technologies to its devotion for the traditions of jeans to create items that are stylish and comfortable essentials.

In 2016, we established the JEANS INNOVATION CENTRE in Los Angeles to house our jeans R&D specialists and a full line of denim is emerging. The centre champions processing innovations in terms of fabric, fit, and finish, and we are showcasing the first results of that work in our Fall/Winter 2017 presentation.



These LifeWear lines encapsulate UNIQLO's dedication to fashioning fabulous clothing. Our cashmere, merino, and lambswool items have become essentials for many consumers, which is why our manufacturing processes are so stringent. We have integrated everything from the sourcing of rare wools to ensuring the most advanced processes for dyeing, spinning, knitting, and finishing to ensure outstanding quality at affordable prices.

It was in light of that commitment that in 2016 we launched a joint venture called the INNOVATION FACTORY with Shima Seiki Manufacturing, a knitting machine production technology leader from Japan, to develop and manufacture knits. Our Fall/Winter 2017 Uniqlo U collection includes seamless 3D U-Knits from the INNOVATION FACTORY.

Uniqlo U


Uniqlo U represents the future of LifeWear through the talents of Christophe Lemaire and his team of elite designers and pattern makers at the UNIQLO Paris R&D Centre, which we established in 2016.

The centre draws on the proud fashion traditions of Paris, while leveraging new fabrics and leading-edge technologies in a relentless drive to open new vistas for fashion by revolutionizing clothing basics.

2017 Batik Motif Collection

A Modern Heritage Inspired by Indonesian Traditional Treasure


UNIQLO’s 2017 Batik Motif Collection was launched in Singapore on 24 May 2017. The collection features modern batik motifs that combine traditional patterns with contemporary colours, silhouettes and designs to create a new modern heritage from the traditional treasure. It is inspired by Indonesian batik, which is recognised on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritages of Humanity since 2009 for its artisan techniques and cultural symbolism.


LifeWear clothing leverages advanced technologies from Japan, to deliver new value for consumers through clothes that are lighter and more functional so people are comfortable all throughout the year, from the depths of winter through the heat of summer. We will continue to innovate to change people’s everyday lives for the better.



HEATTECH is a thin and warm innerwear that we designed through a partnership with Toray Industries, Inc., one of Japan's top fibres and textiles manufacturers.

HEATTECH comprises four distinct yarns to optimise comfort by absorbing the body's moisture and converting it to heat that is trapped within the air pockets of fibres. The three kinds of HEATTECH - standard HEATTECH, HEATTECH Extra Warm and HEATTECH Ultra Warm - offer different levels of winter warmth to keep people comfortable anywhere around the world.

Ultra Light Down


Ultra Light Down transformed down jackets by combining warmth and lightness. Our jackets feature a fabric made of a durable and light ultrafine fibre which is treated to eliminate down packs, while preventing feathers from poking through.

The jackets are thus incredibly light and compact, so they can replace sweaters under coats. They can also easily be folded into the accompanying pouch and conveniently carried around throughout the year, to be worn whenever the surroundings become cold.



The fruit of a joint project with Toray and Asahi Kasei, a Japanese manufacturer of fibres and textiles, AIRism is functional innerwear that keeps people incredibly dry and comfortable in any kind of weather. Employing a specially engineered fibre to breathe and wick away trapped moisture, AIRism accommodates the specific requirements of men, women, children, and babies to ensure comfort for all.

Learn more about UNIQLO’s AIRism via its official video here.


UNIQLO continues to pursue new potential for clothing by collaborating with fashion designers, top models, businesses, and other partners that complement the LifeWear concept of 'simple made better.'



Debuting a long-anticipated men's line and showcasing the urban essentials of Ines' Parisian chic.

The eighth season of this collaboration line sees the launch of an eagerly anticipated men's collection. The range, which launches in Singapore in two phases: 1 September and 20 October, features designs based on the essentials of Ines' Parisian chic so couples can enjoy coordinating their outfits stylishly. The women's line this season is a dynamically different celebration of the enduring elegance of the black and white underpinning French chic.

New to the range are sports knits in vintage styles and classic Nordic sweaters. The line also offers items in new cuts, including military style mod coats, duffle coats, and fleece blousons. Ines' ever-popular dress line has been updated.



An exclusive collection that embraces cultural diversity

UNIQLO and UK-born fashion designer Hana Tajima are pleased to present the new installment of the exclusive collaboration, “HANA TAJIMA FOR UNIQLO.” Launched in Singapore on 2 June 2017, the collection is inspired by sculptural drapes and folds, and the contemporary styles bring joy and elegance to what you wear every day.

The Fall/Winter 2017 season introduces new and original textured materials such as tweed, as well as new designs including the belted long coat. The carefully selected colour palette allows for trending one-tone styling, among a wide variety of options that can be enjoyed throughout the season.



The Fall/Winter 2017 Disney Collection offers new enchantment in classic designs through a special world travel line.

MAGIC FOR ALL is a project that brings the fantasy and magic of Disney to people around the world through LifeWear. We are showcasing Mickey Travels, Mickey Stands and Disney Textiles from the new Disney Collection.

Mickey Travels highlights a suitcase-toting mouse's adventures in New York, Paris, London, Shanghai, Tokyo, and other destinations around the world. We created this line to cater to the countless people who wish to share the excitement and joys of world travel with their beloved Mickey Mouse. Classic 1940s art from Disney graces an array of T-shirts, sweatshirts, bomber jackets, and other items of clothing, as well as tote bags, pouches, and other accessories.

In its second season, the Mickey Stands collection features graphics of Mickey Mouse in iconic poses that have made him a timeless favourite around the globe, starting with a design depicting him in his screen debut in Steamboat Willie in 1928. The new line-up is for the whole family to enjoy, and augments T-shirts with sweatshirts and knits.

Disney Textile is designed for babies and toddlers and it celebrates Disney characters in playful patterns from Swedish designer Cathy Nordstrom. The soft colour palette, folk craft styling, and toy graphics in Scandinavian forest settings will delight and comfort infants.



British Heritage meets LifeWear through this design collaboration

UNIQLO collaborates with renowned British fashion brand JW Anderson in a new collection which will include Men's and Women's items. Available exclusively at UNIQLO’s Global Flagship Store at Orchard Central and online at www.uniqlo.com/sg from 22 September 2017, the 33-piece collection features British classics that combine the signature bold and graphic design aesthetic of JW ANDERSON with UNIQLO's excellence in fabrics, fit and functionality.

The result is a collection that offers the best of British styling that is at once traditional and modern while providing daily lifestyle options for men and women of all ages.