UNIQLO LifeWear Spring/Summer 2017

Why do we get dressed?

Perhaps we want to try long-sleeved innerwear today because it's a bit cold out. We might be meeting someone new today and decide to put on a low-key jacket. Or, we simply want to be a little creative and choose clothing that helps us relax.

Our prevailing moods and the environment subtly shape our clothing choices. We may wish to look stylish, feel happy, seem reassured, be upbeat or relax. At UNIQLO, we believe the possibilities are almost infinite.

We create clothes that anyone can wear at any time, just to be themselves. We create clothes people always wear to stay comfortable. And we continue to innovate with contemporary styling that complements individual lifestyles.

UNIQLO has designed its LifeWear to reflect the lifestyles and innermost feelings of wearers so they can enjoy better lives.

The UNIQLO LifeWear Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Immerse yourself in LifeWear's commitment to quality and comfort for everyone, everywhere.

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This line incorporates the features of sportswear in everyday apparel to make clothing functional and fashionable. This season, we have expanded our lineup to encompass a wider range of sports that helps enhance athletic performance. We created our distinctively styled lineup to enhance functionality for top athletes and regular individuals alike.

Women can expect an injection of strong and vivid colours via new Dry EX garments (previously only available for Men) which are both functional and fashionable. The Sports Bra has also been updated based on customer feedback and now comes with removable cups.

New this season for both Men and Women is the Dry EX Ultra Stretch range. This has been developed in conjunction with Toray for the Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Toray is also the partner for UNIQLO's signature line of AIRism and HEATTECH garments.



AIRism has become the new normal in innerwear for its lightness, smoothness and outstanding performance. We have continued to evolve our lineup so people with all skin types can stay comfortable in any season. For this season, we responded to ongoing consumer feedback by adding deodorant functionality to the women's (AIRism bratops excluded) and Kids' ranges. Try AIRism once and you'll wonder how you ever got by without it.

LifeWear Wardrobe

Simple quality, thoughtfully designed for a more stylish you


At UNIQLO, we believe that individuality in fashion comes from within. It's how you wear the clothes, not the clothes themselves. This collection showcases a range of simple, quality items that reflect a complete attention to detail and match diverse requirements, from our Clean and Casual lines to our Active or Relax offerings. LifeWear is the fruit of an ongoing quest to make clothing more relevant and enjoyable in the lifestyles of everyone from babies through adults.


Combining tradition and innovation for a new generation of jeans


Jeans are synonymous with LifeWear. They are integral to the lifestyles of people of all ages, genders, nations, and backgrounds, and are an enduring element of music, art, sport and other aspects of culture. We have combined those traditions and innovative technologies to craft even more stylish and comfortable jeans as everyday essentials.

In order to cater to the growing needs of customers, new garment processing methods such as distressing was introduced. Wear them distressed or untouched, the choices are endless!

Stretch Skinny Fit Jeans with 360o stretch technology makes its debut this season! Men can also look forward to other newly launched styles such as Regular and Stretch Skinny Fits with damaged finishes. Women can remain stylish with all new High Rise Cropped Jeans as well as Ultra Stretch Jeans with cutoffs which accentuate leg lines and are season appropriate for a casual day out.

Uniqlo U

Christophe Lemaire's design team created a collection that integrates functionality and design for everyone What


What we wear to live life deserves more thought, more simplicity and more care. At our Paris R&D center, our global design team − led by Christophe Lemaire − is reinventing basics to be anything but basic. Clothing that transcends trends and becomes an ideal expression of who we are. Every form made for function. Every element endlessly considered. Every design thoughtfully deconstructed, tested and distilled to its most essential and sophisticated. This is simple made better, at its best. This is Uniqlo U.


Carefully selecting pop art from around the world to make UT a new standard for T-shirts


UTs (UNIQLO T-shirts) have become central to UNIQLO's LifeWear approach by emotionally engaging with people. Their internationally beloved content simply and directly conveys the individuality and moods of wearers. NIGO, the UT Creative Director, leverages his passion and expertise to make UT the standard for T-shirts featuring select pop culture icons from around the globe.

In its 10th season, UT returns to its art roots by featuring graphics from such leading talents as ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONIST FUTURA and André Saraiva. The UT range also includes the beautifully joyous patterns of ÉPICE DESIGN, deepening its role as a vehicle for pop culture enjoyment.


A special collaborative project with Disney enters its second year


MAGIC FOR ALL is a global collaboration with Disney that combines the fantasy, magic and adventure of Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar with LifeWear, immersing people in excitement all year round through an array of unique variations.

This season's collection offers enjoyment for all of the family. It features MICKEY STANDS, with designs showing Mickey Mouse striking iconic poses, and the MICKEY BLUE (Indigo Collection), inspired by West Coast culture and Japanese indigo dyeing. The lineup also features content from the past 40 years of Star Wars, and will expand monthly with new offerings, including characters from the new Cars 3 movie and Spider-Man motifs.


A collaboration between MoMA and UNIQLO


UNIQLO is passionate about bringing innovation and quality to diverse people. The SPRZ NY (Surprise New York) collection aims to disseminate examples of stunning artistic inspiration around the world.

For this season, we have expanded the SPRZ NY lineup beyond T-shirts to also encompass bags, umbrellas and other items. The collection, which includes pieces designed in collaboration with The Museum of Modern Art, will enhance the imaginations and lifestyles of wearers and users.

For this season, the collection features prints inspired by the work of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. It also features geometric patterns inspired by the work of Sol LeWitt, Francois Morellet, Max Bill and Gego (Gertrud Goldschmidt).


A collaboration with a Parisian chic paragon and fashion icon, inspired by the French port city of Marseilles


This season's collection is inspired by the scenery of Marseilles, a French gateway to international trade and backdrop to famed motion picture Borsalino. The new lineup showcases the remixing of styles that is quintessentially Ines, combining gradations of her signature indigo with on-trend berry accents for styling that is at once nostalgic and fresh in sunshine and sea breezes.

The collection is set to launch in two batches on 27Jan17 and 24Feb17.


Comfortwear featuring contemporary designs that embrace diverse cultures and aesthetics


LifeWear has evolved as everyday clothing that is highly functional and fashionable. The HANA TAJIMA FOR UNIQLO collection builds on the LifeWear line, combining comfortable fabrics and femininity with relaxed styling that is also modest out of respect for different cultures. Hana Tajima's sophisticated and contemporary designs represent another advancement in comfortwear styling.

About Hana Tajima

This UK-born fashion designer is changing how young women dress all over the world. Inspired by her Japanese roots and English upbringing, her contemporary, functional designs continue to garner international attention for their cultural sensitivity and extreme versatility.