UNIQLO and Toray announce Third Stage of Strategic Partnership


UNIQLO a leading retailer with headquarters registered in Yamaguchi City, and Toray Industries headquartered in Tokyo, have jointly announced the third stage of their strategic partnership for the next five years. Established ten years ago, the newest stage of the partnership aims to further strengthen collaborative efforts and create a new industry for the future.

Since the partnership between apparel giant and fabric and textile maker came to fruition, they have jointly developed new products including UNIQLO’s signature ranges, such as HEATTECH and AIRism.

UNIQLO's signature AIRism garments are meant to be worn beneath any ensemble to keep you cool and dry. AIRism makes heat and humidity more bearable with properties such as absorbency, breathability and odour control. HEATTECH garments come with features designed to make it the most comfortable innerwear. These include sweat-wicking, quick-drying, anti-odour and anti-static features. The recent season's HEATTECH lines contain camellia oil moisturiser to keep the wearer's skin soft and supple in dry weather.

UNIQLO, the originator of LifeWear clothing made for all, has 841 stores in Japan and 798 stores internationally. Toray Group, a global top business group of advanced materials, has 98 subsidiary companies in Japan and 155 companies abroad. Both leaders in their respective industries will be accelerating globalisation and digitalisation to achieve the initiatives listed below. From 2016 through 2020, the total number of transactions between the two companies is expected to reach 1 trillion yen.

Acceleration of globalisation and digitalisation to create a new industry
• Realise an end-to-end business model by utilising the Internet of Things (IoT)
• Further reduce production lead time
• Further increase globalisation of production sites and location
• Optimise production in each location
• Expand production sites to support business growth in Greater China (China, Hong Kong and Taiwan)

Maximise LifeWear that is made for all
• Improve comfort and functionality of all current products
• To value-add products by conducting research and development
• Develop new sportswear to enhance daily lives