UNIQLO x Novak Djokovic Tennis Apparel Collection launching 15 April 2013

Design based on Novak Djokovic's Grand Slam Match Wear

UNIQLO proudly announces the global launch of a new collection of tennis apparel modelled after match kits donned by Novak Djokovic at each of his last four Grand Slam tournaments. Debuting 15 April 2013 exclusively at 313@Somerset store, the new Novak Djokovic Tennis Apparel Collection here caters to both Tennis fans and sportsmen.

Novak Djokovic, who is ranked world's first by the Association of Tennis Professionals, was appointed UNIQLO's Global Brand Ambassador since May 2012. Starting with the 2012 French Open (27 May - 11 Jun 2012), UNIQLO has been the exclusive designer for his tournament match attires, including his recent triumph at the 2013 Australian Open.

A collaboration that is an homage to UNIQLO's steadfast commitment to innovation and quality and Mr. Djokovic's brilliant performance in the court, UNIQLO Design Director Naoki Takizawa worked hand in hand with Mr. Djokovic to produce four lines of Novak Djokovic performance tennis wear:

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About Novak Djokovic Tennis Apparel Collection

This special collection features innovative and high-performance features that are calibrated to complement Mr. Djokovic's superb performance in the court.



Designed to provide the ultimate in on-court comfort, the body and collar are made with DRY-EX, an exceptional sweat-absorbent and quick-drying fabric that UNIQLO developed in partnership with Toray Industries. The attention to design details extends to the collar's zipper, which is lined with DRY-EX piping for extra comfort.


Designed to absorb and dry perspiration quickly, the pockets are lined with pile fabric that players are able to wipe perspiration off their palms easily and therefore securely stow away second-serve balls. The shorts feature a wide band combining flat rubber strips and flat strings in the waist, translating into greater comfort due to a wider area contact with the body, as opposed to a narrow band that cuts uncomfortably into the skin.


The Track Jackets offer exceptional off-court comfort wrapped in classic silhouettes, combining form and function to express the unique style of modern sportsmen. The slim-fitting design means that the jacket is neither baggy nor hindering, while the hems and sleeve cuffs are made of thin, fitting material (instead of conventional ribbing) for snug fit.

The jacket features highly functional features, such as the 'breakaway zipper' which allows it to be taken off in a swift pull. Its material consists of light, dry fabric with anti-microbial and anti-odour properties and best of all, it does not cling to a sweaty body.

The Track Pants features a specially designed drawstring that can be quickly untied, even when soaked in perspiration. The tips of these drawstrings are pouched and sewn up, instead of conventional plastic covers that frequently crack and expose sharp edges.

As a set, the Track Jacket and Track Pants not only feel supremely comfortable, but also makes you look good as well with its slim-cut silhouette that flatters all body types. On the other hand, the Track Pants and the DRY-EX Polo Shirts make for a stylish ensemble with a fresh, well-coordinated look.


Ideal for warming up in court, the Warm Up Jacket and Pants are made of high density materials with water-repellent properties. The jacket has stretchy cuffs that offer a snug fit while also making it easy to put on and remove. The drawstring for tightening the jacket hem is designed to stow away discreetly inside the pockets.

At the pant hems, the zippers are designed to fit so that it does not flop during movement, while the extra-long pant fasteners facilitates putting them on or pulling them off - even with shoes on.



Designed to offer exceptionally secure and comfortable fit, the tennis cap features elastic fabric sewn over the stitching along the base and inside of the crown, while the adjuster consists of ultra-thin fabric fastener and silicon sections. It is made with a combination of jersey fabric featuring UNIQLO's DRY function, as well as shock absorbent sponge material with the insides lined with pile fabric.


These high-performance socks are developed with numerous test fittings with professional tennis players to ensure they are made for the court. These superior socks feature thick pile fabric to absorb impact during match play.


The size and length of these wristbands are specially designed to optimise performance while ensuring comfort throughout the match. They come in sets of two so that players can switch to a fresh one mid-game.

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