UNIQLO’S 9th Global Flagship Store and World’s Largest UNIQLO Store Opens in Ginza on March 16

Tokyo, Japan – UNIQLO announced the opening of its largest flagship store worldswide, UNIQLO Ginza, on Ginza’s main street Chuo Dori on March 16. Since the opening of its first global flagship store in New York City in 2006, UNIQLO has launched 8 global flagship stores in 7 major world cities over the past 5 years, while consistently raising product, store and customer service standards. 16 March 2012 saw the opening of a global flagship store of a scale never seen before in UNIQLO’s history in Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district, a premier fashion and information hub. Close to 1000 people were seen queuing, hours even before the store opened.

With the opening of the largest store worldwide, the company aims to offer customers the fullest and most enriching UNIQLO experience. As a global flagship store, UNIQLO Ginza will showcase the UNIQLO brand by featuring the latest in seasonal apparel, leading edge visual merchandising, perfect store operations and superb service.

In only 5 years since the opening of the first global flagship store in the Soho district of New York City in the autumn of 2006, UNIQLO has opened successively stores in London, Paris, Shanghai, Osaka, Seoul and Taipei. Among them, a second store opened on New York’s Fifth Avenue in October 2011, thus raising the total count to 8 global flagship stores in 7 major world cities. Each new store opening was an occasion for the company to further enhance product, store and customer service standards based on the expectations and advice of our customers around world.

By drawing on the experience gained through these high-profile store launches, the bar for the brand will further rise with the debut on Friday, March 16, 2012 of the largest global flagship store to date, which is located in UNIQLO’s land of birth, Japan, in Tokyo’s Ginza, a premier fashion capital of the world.

Twelve floors and a total retail space of 4,959 square meters make UNIQLO Ginza the biggest UNIQLO store in the world. With its full UNIQLO line-up of apparel for women, men, children and babies, as well as UT products, the store will allow customers to experience the UNIQLO brand via the latest seasonal apparel, leading visual merchandising and superb customer service.

Latest Seasonal Apparel Line-Up
The UNIQLO Ginza Store will offer the latest seasonal apparel line-up:

UU – Uniqlo Undercover Collection Release
The family-oriented collection issued of a collaborative design project with cult-hit Undercover fashion label will be one of the jewels of the new Ginza Store. Combining UNIQLO’s high-quality products with the unique design of Undercover, it represents a new family style. The UU collection will be released nation-wide following the UNIQLO Ginza Store launch.

Brand new spring/summer collection: UNIQLO INNOVATION PROJECT
The new, revolutionary 2012 spring/summer collection, UNIQLO INNOVATION PROJECT, is envisioning the clothes of the future, combining utmost functionality with a universal design.

Launch on April 2 of the new tennis line modeled on kit created for Top Men’s Pro Kei Nishikori
A new line of tennis apparel modeled on match wear created for Kei Nishikori, Japan’s top-ranked male professional tennis player will be on sale starting April 2. UNIQLO Ginza will offer customers the sole chance to see the kit, feel it and purchase it. (The line will also be available from the UNIQLO online store.)

An abundance of new comfortable wear
Plenty of new comfortable wear for everyday activities. There will be a wealth of products easy to wear in spring/summer, such as the constantly evolving Silky Dry, Sarafine and Bra Top.

Plenty of basic items
There will be an extensive choice of spring products, from the beautiful Color Skinny Fit Ankle Jeans. Tops with a variety of colors to be combined with Color Bottoms, as well as Jackets and Shirts for everyday life.

UT Store opens in the Ginza Store
The 11th floor will be dedicated to the UNIQLO UT T-shirt brand, in other words a full UT Store. The new collaborations with popular animation characters and original companies will once raise curiosity and generate discussion.

Leading Edge Visual Merchandising

Brand new store design
The twelve-story transparent-glass façade of the UNIQLO Ginza Store will offer a special sight in the Ginza district, while the atrium-like first and second floor will create a dynamic space.

Large window displays to showcase suggested styling
Large window displays will greet customers in the atrium. The first floor will consist of a display space for the most recommended products of each floor along with styling suggestions, helping customers to immediately find their way in the store.

Stunning LED display
An LED louver vision has been placed at the back of the store. Each louver is 10cm x 3 meters (the height of the ceiling) with a width of 14 meters. Since the opening between each slat makes it hard to see the entire picture except from a certain distance, any visual content shown on the louver can only be recognized from the entrance. This is meant to guide the customer to venture deeper into the store.

A special creative team for a global flagship store
The entire production design is done by Creative Director Kashiwa Sato (SAMURAI), while the interior design is the work of Design Director Masamichi Katayama (Wonderwall Company), involved in the making of many of UNIQLO flagship stores.

Superb Global Customer Service

Concierge desk to offer superb service
In order to best serve customers from all over the world visiting Ginza, and have them experience utmost satisfaction at UNIQLO, the UNIQLO Ginza Store will offer for the first time a concierge service. In addition to a perfect knowledge of all the products displayed on the 12 floors, the concierge staff will provide information on the Ginza and Yurakucho districts, act as fashion advisor and help customers enjoy the best shopping.

6 languages
15 native speakers of 6 different languages will attend to customers (Japanese, English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Korean).Foreign customers will therefore be able to enjoy the most relaxing shopping experience, recognizing their native language by a name tag.

On the Kids /BABY Floor, staff qualified to look after children
On the 7th floor, staff holding a certificate of childcare, a kindergarten teacher license or with baby-sitting experience, will help customers with children enjoy easy shopping.

A Variety of Floors: The World Largest UT Flagship Store, The First Children / Babies Floor

Each one of the 12 floors has its own category of apparel.

After walking through the main entrance, known as ‘Welcome Gate,’ the first floor greets customers with the most wanted products of the UNIQLO Ginza Store, while a perfect service is awaiting them at the concierge desk.

The 7th floor is a dedicated floor to children and babies. A baby room with a colorful carpet, along with staff qualified to look after children will help customers accompanied by children to relax and best enjoy their shopping.

UT is celebrating its 10th anniversary later this year and the 11th floor consists of the world’s largest UT flagship store. It will again raise curiosity and generate discussion.

On the 12th floor, customers will find the latest in trends and products, but also be able to enjoy special events. From March 16 (Friday) to April 1 (Sunday), well-known fashion magazines such as “non-no”, “MORE”, “BAILA” will present the latest in fashion coordination and customers will have a chance to immediately purchase the products of their choice.


Store Information

NameUNIQLO Ginza Store
Opening DateFriday, March 16, 2012 at 10:00
Opening Hours11:00 – 21:00
AddressGinza Komatsu East Wing, 6-9-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Access4 minutes walk from Ginza Station, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line / Hibiya Line
Surface4959 square meters, 12 floors (The world’s largest Uniqlo global flagship store to date)
Store ManagerTeruaki Matsumoto
Staff520 staff (including around 100 international staff)
LanguagesJapanese, English, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish (Total 6 languages)

UNIQLO Ginza Store Manager Profile
Teruaki Matsumoto
Joining Uniqlo in 1995, Mr. Matsumoto managed the Shinsaibashi store in Osaka since its opening in 2004 before being appointed store manager of the previous Ginza Store in 2007. He now takes over as the Store Manager at the new UNIQLO Ginza.

Global Flagship Stores Opening Dates

November 2006Soho New York Store (U.S.)
November 2007311 Oxford Street Store (UK)
October 2009Paris Opera Store (France)
May 2010Shanghai, West Nanjing Road Store (China)
October 2010Osaka, Shinsaibashi Store (Japan)
September 2011Taipei, Mingyao Department Store (Taiwan)
October 2011New York Fifth Avenue Store (U.S.)
November 2011Seoul, Myeongdong Central Store (Korea)