Fashion Meets Innovation for UNIQLO's FW09 Collection

True to its philosophy for constant innovation, Japan's number 1 casual wear brand, UNIQLO launches its Fall/Winter collection with that in mind. The opening of the second UNIQLO store at ION ORCHARD in early August will see the worldwide debut of key innovation pieces created by UNIQLO’s Global Research & Development Center two weeks ahead of Japan.

Neo-Leather (RRP: $29.90 - $129.90)
Luxury synthetic leather has created new demand since its introduction to the high fashion industry. For the fashion–conscious who are looking for a piece off the runway coupled with affordability and quality, Neo-Leather is UNIQLO’s answer. This will be a new product line which will makes its worldwide debut in Singapore.

Neo-Leather provides the same look and soft texture comparable to genuine leather but promises relatively low maintenance as compared to its authentic leather counterpart. It is also lightweight enough to be worn in a tropical climate like Singapore. UNIQLO believes the Neo-leather collection appeals to the fashion forward who appreciate the innovative technology offered at an affordable price and in a variety of colours.

3D Fit Jeans (RRP: $69.90)
A big hit over the past years, skinny jeans have dominated many fashion trends and is set to go strong through the seasons ahead. This season, UNIQLO has added a practical element to its jeans with its 3D Fit Jeans collection. Also a worldwide debut collection, it will be launched in a variety of denim shades and autumn colours for a stylish seasonal look. The 3D Fit Jeans is developed as a result of research into the movement of the human body and to create a better fit for the wearer.

This new line of bottoms promises to accentuate a woman’s figure for a beautiful silhouette. Like the name suggests, the jeans aim to fit the contour of all body types so women of all ages can wear skinny jeans with confidence. The jeans are also made of shrink-resistant material and boast superb form retention and recovery which explains its suitability for various body types. All these benefits while retaining a genuine denim appearance and soft texture which users would appreciate.

HEATTECH (RRP: $19.90 - $29.90)
Dressing lightly in cold weather is now possible because HEATTECH is here! A breakthrough piece developed by UNIQLO, this season’s new and improved collections features eight benefits for its wearer, up two from its previous version. HEATTECH took Japan by storm when it was launched in 2005, earning its status as a winter staple with 28 million pieces sold worldwide in 2008. The uniqueness of HEATTECH lies in its heat generation and retention, soft texture, moisture and odour control and stretchable comfort.

It is woven out of a specially designed hollow fibre thread that captures little pillows of toasty warm air to keep one warm. The blend is also a special concoction of milk protein and natural amino acids extracted from milk to provide a soft texture and moist feel on the skin. Its antibacterial processing also curbs unpleasant odour and permits indoor drying. Since its launch, UNIQLO has made improvements to its HEATTECH range.

This season, UNIQLO adds two more features to its initial product offering; shape retention and static electricity prevention. With the use of a special weaving method, worries about clothing losing shape are a thing of the past! Futhermore, the new HEATTECH collection uses special fibers with excellent moisture retention to prevent unwelcome static shocks one tends to experience with winter wear.

As with many UNIQLO basics, HEATTECH comes in a myriad of up to 22 colours and styles. One can choose from the Turtleneck T-Shirt, U-Neck T-Shirt, camisole and tights.

Knit Collection (RRP: $49.90 - $149.90)
UNIQLO’s knit collection is another popular staple. This season’s Style Up Merino wool sweaters are made with high-quality materials, offers a wide variety of styles and up to 15 colours. The collection offers a better fit to accentuate a woman’s body contour. In addition, UNIQLO will be making luxury fabric affordable by introducing 100% cashmere sweaters that retail from $99.90.

As a brand that aims to evolve with the changing market conditions, UNIQLO strives for constant improvement with its products through innovations. By providing quality and aesthetically pleasing products, UNIQLO continues to stay true to its brand philosophy of creating quality clothing for everyone at an affordable price.