Business Model

The SPA (Speciality Retailer of Private Label Apparel) manufacturer retailer model ensures low cost, high quality products

Research & Development

R&D Centers

At our R&D Centers in Tokyo, New York, we are always collecting and compiling the latest information on different trends around the world, local news, lifestyles and materials. We gather this information from the city streets, from Group subsidiary stores and business clients. We then determine a concept for each season based upon the information gathered. Designs are created simultaneously in each center and garment ranges compiled to suit each individual market.

This product development system is helping to create new and exciting value at UNIQLO.


Head Office

Store Development & Store Design

We look at location development and store design in our pursuit of the most convenient and most comfortable shopping experience for our customers.

Distribution Management & Inventory Control

We control inventory levels by adjusting the timing of price changes in order to minimize inventory risk.

Merchandising & Marketing

At UNIQLO, we collect information from around the world to create product concepts. Once we have a concept as a pivotal theme, each of our five product sections (men’s, women’s, kids’, goods and innerwear) can proceed through the process of product strategy, product planning, sales promotion and sales planning, visual merchandising, etc.

Materials Development

We procure the very best materials by negotiating directly with leading manufacturers around the world. This style of direct negotiation is one of UNIQLO’s key strengths. Our business tie-up with TORAY INDUSTRIES, INC. has also lead to the creation of entirely new, revolutionary materials such as our HEATTECH range.


Materials Procurement, Production

Quality Control & Production Process Management (Takumi Team)

We dispatch our Takumi (veteran Japanese expert engineers) to our Chinese offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen and our Vietnamese office in Ho Chi Minh to help improve product quality and production process at our contract factories. We transfer Japanese textile expertise in apparel and factory management to our partner factories and technicians in China.


Ninety percent of UNIQLO products are manufactured in China. We have business dealings with approximately 70 companies, most of which are located in China. Because we view the factories that we deal with as long-term partners, we continue to offer positive technical support while insisting on very thorough quality management. That is why we are able to maintain high quality even on mass produced items of 1 million units.

Materials Manufacturers

UNIQLO has managed to bring down material costs due to our large-scale 800 store worldwide network, and the fact that we commit to buy up 100% of the raw materials that a particular supplier can provide. Again thanks to the large scale of our operations, we are able to negotiate directly with leading global textile manufacturers including TORAY INDUSTRIES, and we are keen participants in the joint development of new materials.



Japanese Stores

UNIQLO boasts a network of 760 stores across Japan consisting mainly of roadside stores and outlets housed in commercial shopping centers.
Families make up our core customer base. Our aim is to ensure that our stores are stocked with the appropriate number of garments in terms of color and size so that customers can always get the products that they want. We continue to expand our store numbers based on location and customer needs, ranging from our 150sqm small stores to our largest stores with shop floors of 3300sqm.

※1 m=10.76square feet

UNIQLO stores worldwide

We began opening UNIQLO stores outside of Japan in September 2001 starting in London. Since then, we have expanded our international network across six countries; UK, China & Hong Kong, USA, South Korea, France and Japan. We opened a global flagship store in New York’s SOHO area in 2006, and on London’s Oxford Street in 2007. We plan to further develop our flagship store strategy in the future focusing on the major fashion cities of the world.

Online Store

Our online store offers the entire UNIQLO product range and also some original products designed exclusively for online sale.
(Our online store serves the Japanese market only)

Customer Views

The various views and impressions received from our customers are incorporated into our product, store, service and management policies.