Your personality and your outfit have multiple layers. Some multi-faceted individuals showed how they put  together their autumn and winter looks.

A roving chef caters her ensemble for the kitchen  and beyond 
As a first-generation Chinese-American,  Diane Chang grew up in San Francisco eating her grandmother’s home-cooked Sichuan cuisine.
“Layering is a necessity. I’m out all day. It’s the key to walking to the farmer’s market, to Chinatown, then to my  kitchen, then to someone’s home. If I have to go to an event, it’s important for me to prep in advance what I’m going to wear. Let’s say I’m wearing a nice sweater and I don’t have time to change, I will pull something over it, like a dress shirt or something big, just to keep myself clean. Then I pare down as the night goes on. When I spend money, it’s really on basics. I like unique pieces paired with simple, well-tailored basics.”

“When I became an adult, I realized that I use food and cooking as a way of showcasing my innermost thoughts and emotions.”