Roger Federer Launches New Global LifeWear Campaign

Featuring Jeans that are the Essence of Comfort

February 4, 2019, Manila, Philippines - As UNIQLO Global Brand Ambassador, Roger Federer champions UNIQLO and its unique LifeWear philosophy around the world. In this role, Mr. Federer now appears in his first global campaign to showcase LifeWear, exploring how clothing brings comfort to his life.

Mr. Federer said, “My time off is crucial. I love getting away from it all with friends and family, going outside of the tennis box. I like my art visits, listening to music, having dinner with family and friends, everything that is relaxing. And of course, running around with the kids is always a big thrill for me.”

“Clothes must feel comfortable, and denim is a material I like a lot. I have worn jeans since I was a kid, and they continue to be one of my favorite items of clothing. When I select what I wear on a particular day, I put a lot of value on comfort because it’s important for me to feel relaxed all day. UNIQLO jeans are really comfortable, even made of stretch fabric, and I can wear them every day. They also go well with many different outfits.”

This spring 2019 UNIQLO introduces its latest denim collection worldwide, combining the season’s newest silhouettes with everyday stress-free comfort and modern styling. The jeans have been updated as part of a continual process utilizing the best materials, precise fits and superb processing.

The new UNIQLO campaign comprises TV commercials, in-store posters, websites, and other creative elements, and will tell a visual story of Mr. Federer enjoying life at home in jeans, a universally-loved comfort essential and the ultimate expression of LifeWear. Specifically, he will wear UNIQLO EZY jeans in the campaign, his personal favorite from UNIQLO’s jeans collection.

Mr. Federer is a UNIQLO Global Brand Ambassador since July 2018, and wears UNIQLO game wear when in competition.