Uniqlo U 2019 Spring/Summer Collection to Launch from Friday, February 1

Wardrobe essentials delight in vibrant colors

December 13, 2018, Manila, Philippines – UNIQLO, the Japanese global apparel retailer, today announces that it will begin offering the Uniqlo U 2019 Spring/Summer collection at UNIQLO stores from Friday, February 1, 2019. The full range will be available at 60 stores globally, and will comprise 63 items for women, 50 for men, and 6 for accessories.

The Christophe Lemaire-led design team at the UNIQLO Paris R&D Center draws on new materials and advanced technology in exploring and innovating clothing essentials. This latest Uniqlo U collection is inspired by saturated earth tones countering rich, tinted hues and bold accents. Garment details and silhouettes have been simplified to accentuate Uniqlo U’s most ambitious palette to date. The result is a spirited celebration of color applied across a canvas of iconic wardrobe essentials, each thoughtfully reconsidered and realized in its purest form, complemented by a redesigned collection logo to offer a new look for Uniqlo U LifeWear.

Mainstay crewneck T-shirts including new silhouttes< br> These items feature fine-quality fabrics and an enhanced silhouette. The lineup comprises 12 vivid color variations for men and 13 for women. New this season are crewneck T-shirts employing soft fabrics and casual boxy silhouettes. For men, these items include six with solid colors and four with border hues. There are 10 solid colors for women. All T-shirts will add sophistication to casual coordination for summer.

Uniqlo U range’s first-ever linen pieces, with dynamic patterns and color blocks
Uniqlo U will offer linen shirts for men, the first time for this fabric to appear in the collection. The soft fabric combines with an attractively straight silhouette to complete a contemporary look. For women, the lineup incorporates dynamic patterns that complement vibrant seasonal hues. Special patterns feature on open collar shirts, shorts, and dresses. The popular swimwear range offers new designs in green, yellow, and pale pink. The reduction in braided seams ensures incredible comfort, and this swimwear is perfect for the beach for exercising. The range comprises six items, including a bikini and a one-piece.