UNIQLO first launched its UT brand in 2003 with the aim of making the T-shirt a much more interesting and versatile item of clothing. Promoting UT as a tool for expressing one’s individuality and personality, UNIQLO has since then featured a variety of themes and designs from pop cultures in the areas such as the arts, music, film, manga and animation.

In 2014, just over ten years after its introduction, the UT will enter a new age. UNIQLO went back to the origins of the T-shirt to create a UT that will become the new standard of graphic T-shirts. UNIQLO reviewed the shape, or torso, of the original T-shirt carefully and at the same time paying special attention to a selection of graphics. To underline its aim of creating a totally new standard of UT, UNIQLO today announces the tagline “THE NEW MODEL T.”

What is the ideal torso shape of the T-shirt?
Originally from the U.S., the T-shirt has become widely popular over the years and it has even developed its own distinct culture. After researching the roots of the T-shirt thoroughly, UNIQLO concluded that the ideal torso shape of the UT is one without seams down the sides, which creates the effect that the UT has a “round” shape. Using the round-shaped silhouette as a base, UNIQLO updated a few details to be aligned with the latest customer preferences, such as the thickness of the fabric and other details. Although the round shape has become standard for UT, depending on the graphic design that is featured on the T-shirt, UNIQLO will modify the shape of the torso to be able to maximize the attractiveness of the graphics.

What is the ideal graphic to bring out the best of the T-shirt?
UNIQLO has until now launched UTs featuring a wide genre of graphic designs that represent contemporary pop cultures. From the large variety of graphics currently available worldwide, UNIQLO has selected graphics carefully for its 2014 Spring Summer collection. These graphics reflect the most current pop cultures, while maintaining the original beauty of the very first T-shirts. In selecting the graphic UNIQLO also gave thought to how the final design would look on the UT itself. UT today launches the “2014 UT POP CULTURE REMIX” with a new standard.

To be able to introduce “THE NEW MODEL T,” UNIQLO has appointed NIGO, an innovator in street fashion and founder of brand A BATHING APE® as its first Creative Director for UT.

A new shape. A new pop culture. The beginning of a new age for UT.


Since establishing the brand A BATHING APE® in 1993, NIGO has become well known as an innovator in street fashion. In addition to directing his own brand, HUMAN MADE, his work includes such projects as curry shop CURRY UP® and hip hop group TERIYAKI BOYZ®, of which he is the producer. Although NIGO is no longer involved with A BATHING APE® today, he continues to work on a variety of projects internationally. NIGO is UNIQLO’s first Creative Director for the UT brand, and the UNIQLO LifeWear 2014 spring and summer collection will include products for men, women and kids.