UNIQLO’s UNIQSTYLE promo winners announced

November 14, 2012, Manila, Philippines–Welcome the country’s newest fashionistas.

The winners of the “UNIQSTYLE Search for UNIQLO’s No. 1 Fashionista” promo, the Facebook-based activity of UNIQLO, were revealed today amid exciting activities. They are part of the thousands of young and fashionable Filipinos who submitted their photos wearing UNIQLO Fall and Winter Collection 2012 apparel in the most trendy and hip way.

From the Top 4 finalists, chosen as the “UNIQSTYLE Search for UNIQLO’s No. 1 Fashionista” Ultimate Winner was John Lemuel Jumawid from Makati. He was chosen based on criteria that include uniqueness of style, seamless integration of UNIQLO’s Fall and Winter items to the overall outfit and overall impact.

The other finalists were Kimi Austria, Nicolette Ambulo and Nic Caseñas.

The Top 4 finalists were chosen out of the total of 16 finalists within the 4-week duration of the promo. Each finalist won P7,000 worth of UNIQLO gift certificates, with the Ultimate Winner getting an additional P20,000.

The promo is part of pre-opening activities related to the opening of UNIQLO’s newest store in the country, located at the 2nd floor of the SM City North EDSA The Block. It seeks to provide Filipinos an early experience prior to the opening of the new store.

The “UNIQSTYLE Search for UNIQLO’s No. 1 Fashionista” promo allows participants to share their unique fashion style via popular social media space Facebook. All they had to do was upload their photo wearing their favorite UNIQLO Fall and Winter outfit at UNIQLO’s Facebook app so that their friends or fans can vote for their favorite style or uploader.

UNIQLO is a global apparel brand known for its “MADE FOR ALL” philosophy and not following trends yet allows people to express themselves through its unique yet of high quality and fully functional clothing line.

The new UNIQLO store, located at the 2nd Floor, SM City North EDSA The Block, will open on November 16, 2012. Store hours are from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekends and 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on weekdays.