Premium Quality Linen Collection
Premium Quality Linen Collection
Mar 16, 2020 WOMEN
A collection made from linen fabric that feels silky to the touch, yet exceptionally breathable. If you want to feel comfortable and expensive at the same time, linen items would be best choice for these hot days. On top of that, our lineup of linen products are environmentally responsible, so you can wear them with a peace of mind. With that said, here are some ways you can style UNIQLO’s linen items into your daily outfits.

A jacket that wears like a shirt. Made for layering, this comfortable shirt jacket is light and breezy, as expected from the linen fabric that it’s made from. In terms of style, it has large buttons and pockets that adds an accent to the whole jacket. We recommend wearing it over a fancy dress or skirt for a cool and classy arrangement. Lastly, tighten the drawstring at the waist for better looking proportions.

Recommended items:
Linen Cotton Shirt Jacket
Uniqlo U Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Chiffon Pleated Printed Long Skirt

This linen cotton coat is reminiscent of the lab coat’s design. Although it’s design has a smart look, the natural blend of linen and cotton adds a hint of relaxed feel so it doesn’t come off too formal. This versatile coat can be paired with nearly anything, but we recommend that you wear it with EZY ankle pants for a clean look; or jeans for a casual look. Take a look around and you’ll definitely find a colour that suits you.

Recommended items:
Linen Cotton Coat
Uniqlo U Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt
EZY Flare Ankle Pants (2Way Stretch)

Here’s another way to style beige-coloured monochrome arrangements. This versatile skipper collar shirt is specially designed for a flattering neckline, on top of being convenient when pairing with your current outfits. The fabric blend of linen and rayon comes off cleaner looking compared to other shirts, yet it has a casual aura to it that so it can be worn outside of work. Add a jacket on top of it for that little bit of additional sophistication.

Recommended items:
Linen Blend Skipper Collar 3/4 Sleeve Shirt
UV Cut Relaxed Jacket
Loose Fit Cargo Jogger Pants

Made of premium French linen, this skipper collar shirt has been popular every year. The secret to its popularity lies in a beautifully sculpted silhouette and French linen’s characteristically great comfort. The fabric is breathable, yet it excels at absorbing moisture, and it’s soft and supple to the touch. Pair it to wide-leg jeans to create a Parisian-chic look. This outfit may be simple, but it’s a cut above the rest.

Recommended items:
Premium Linen Skipper Collar 3/4 Sleeve Shirt
UV Cut Supima© Cotton Crew Neck Long Sleeve Cardigan
High Rise Super Wide Jeans

Available in a huge variety of colours and sizes, the premium linen shirt is a staple that in any wardrobe. Buttoning it up creates a smarter, more formal look, but it can also be worn as a light outerwear for more casual occasions. Layer it on a bra top and dress of the same colour for a casual yet gorgeous appearance.

Recommended items:
Premium Linen Long Sleeve Shirt
AIRism Cotton Ribbed Sleeveless Bratop
Drape Gather Long Skirt

This tunic brings along many contemporary elements that instantly elevate your workwear. The linen-blended fabric adds a breezy spring feel to even dark coloured versions. To complement the unique tunic length and oversized silhouette, tighten up the outfit with EZY ankle pants that makes the body look slender.

Recommended items:
Linen Blend Stand Collar Long Sleeve Tunic
Comfeel Touch Pointed Flat Shoes
EZY Ankle Pants (2Way Stretch·Windowpane)

This linen blended shirt dress embodies style and personality and can be the key item in your outfit. Additionally, it has an alluring aura thanks to it being slightly translucent. When worn, it has a signature laid back feel and its long length produces a clean appearance. We recommend pairing it with this center creased wide pants for a lean, slender look.

Recommended items:
Linen Blend Long Sleeve Shirt Dress
Random Ribbed Tank Top
High Waisted Wide Pants

For those lazy days where you just want to lay back or have a casual outing, longer, linen-blended dresses are the perfect outfit for doing just that. It enhances the natural mood, and the V-neck design of this cocoon dress keeps the outfit looking just sophisticated enough to wear outdoors. Create a monochromatic arrangement by combining the dark grey dress and black bottoms for a simple look.

Recommended items:
Linen Cotton Shirt Jacket
Linen Cotton Shirt Jacket
AIRism Wide Pants

[Staff Credit]
Photographer / Hiroya Nishizaki (MOUSTACHE)
Stylist / Junko Matsumura
Hair & Make / Tomoko Okada (TRON)
Model / Satoko Miyata
Editor / Sachiko Hiruta