It’s New Denim Style
It’s New Denim Style
Jan 07, 2020 WOMEN
Jeans have been a go-to item for many people and they usually complement your whole outfit; match with almost any type of tops and are always in style. This time around, let’s make jeans the centerpiece of your look. Here is five pair of jeans that are sure to elevate your style.

One of this season’s new jeans, this pair has a relaxed fit around the waist, on top of a tapered cut. The jeans also have an elegant silhouette, which is a result from the use of optimally thick and crisp, 12-ounce cotton denim. Go for an all-white look with a minimal yet elegant sweater that can bring out the jeans well.

Recommended Items:
Slouch Tapered Ankle Jeans (Relaxed Fit Tapered)
Cotton Cashmere Crew Neck Long Sleeve Sweater

These pleated jeans have a belted design that accents your waist. They’re made of soft cotton denim, so even when you tighten the belt, there won’t be any rough, uncomfortable bunching, and the silhouette remains beautifully tapered. Try this chic monochrome arrangement by pairing the jeans with a similarly coloured navy blouse.

Recommended Items:
Belted Pleated Jeans
Rayon Bow Tie Long Sleeve Blouse

Made with denim that has a compression effect helps to shape great-looking legs without being uncomfortable or constrictive. The pockets adorning the waist on both sides have a special design that supports and smooths out bulges around the lower abdomen. Create an elegant look by coordinating the jeans with an airy, pastel-coloured blouse.

Recommended Items:
High Rise Skinny Ankle Jeans (Beauty Compression)
Cotton Dobby Gathered Long Sleeve Blouse (Available Jan 13)

The newest version of these popular jeans has fringed hems that are perfect for more casual looks. The stretch fabric offers generous levels of recovery to produce a leggier appearance, and has a smooth feel that provides amazing comfort. Pair them up with a casual sweat shirt to create a rough yet stylish look.

Recommended Items:
Ultra Stretch Jeans
Sweat Crew Neck Long Sleeve Pullover

Contemporary and wide-legged – these jeans have a unique silhouette with gentle curves. They also have big pockets at the back that creates an illusion of smaller hips. Take advantage of the jeans’ washed, vintage feel, and create a laid-back arrangement with a breezy blouse.

Recommended Items:
Uniqlo U Wide Fit Curved Jeans (Available in February 2020)
Cotton Oversized Wide Sleeve Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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Hair & Makeup: Mai Ozawa (mod's hair)
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Text: Sayaka Iseki
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