UNIQLO Press Release



UNIQLO得悉有不法之徒透過虛假網址冒充UNIQLO的官方網站,以招攬個人及機構投資商店特許經營業務。UNIQLO特此鄭重聲明,現時UNIQLO並沒有授權特許經營權予第三方。因此,如果 閣下收到任何聲稱能為有興趣投資者提供服務的UNIQLO官方網站,慎請避免在該網頁作任何操作,並立即電郵至 cs-question@ml.store.uniqlo.com通知UNIQLO CO., LTD.客戶服務中心,謝謝。

UNIQLO has been informed of websites that allege to be official UNIQLO websites for individuals or companies interested in investing in UNIQLO's store franchise business. UNIQLO does not offer third party franchises at this time. Therefore, if you come across any website that claims to be an official UNIQLO website for interested investors, please refrain from interacting with it and refer it immediately to the UNIQLO CO., LTD. Customer Center Department at email
cs-question@ml.store.uniqlo.com. Thank you.