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Technology of HEATTECH

HEATTECH is a powerful ally that protects your body from the cold.It's a new idea that will change your winter wardrobe.Here, learn more about its thin yet warm technology.

This year, we have added argan oil, the rare beauty care oil popular worldwide, that marks an evolutionary step making HEATTECH smoother and gentler on our skin than ever before.

Each thread is made with rayon and micro acrylic fibers to imbue the fabric with heat-generating and heat-retention capabilities.Furthermore, by intertwining these threads with polyurethane and polyester in a complex structure, we create the warmth and comfort that are HEATTECH's greatest features.

HEATTECH, which continues to evolve thanks to the latest technologies, is not only warm but also has various features that add comfort to your winter living. Visit the HEATTECH website for details.

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