The perfect way to package your gifts this season. Neat, compact and traditional. Based loosely on the concept of a traditional Bento box.


Featuring a gold motif on the top and a magnetic enclosure flap, the UNIQLO gift box is a fuss free way to package your gifts of LifeWear - from the everyday essentials of socks, to the innovative Ultra Light Down, to the casual luxury of a cashmere sweater. No wrapping paper, sellotape or scissors required.

    1,90 €

    Dimensions: 115mm x 115mm + 100mm flap closure

    Holds 3 pairs of UNIQLO socks

    Made for socks. Whether they or tightly rolled or neatly folded. If you hold onto the box, it will make the perfect home for little trinkets, gadgets or even money. How about money in a UNIQLO sock? How's that for a surprise festive gift.

    2,90 €

    Dimensions: 125mm x 240mm + 100mm flap closure

    Holds 1 Ultra Light Down jacket

    Demonstrate the mobile and compact innovation of Ultra Light Down by packing it down into a medium gift box - to truly throw your recipient off. Nobody would ever guess that a box this small and of this size would contain a jacket.

    Whilst this box is the perfect size for an Ultra Light Down jacket; with inventive folding and rolling, this box can also hold a selection of socks and even T-shirts. If you truly fancy a challenge, why don't you put your folding and spacial awareness to the test and pop a sweater in there.

    3,90 €

    Dimensions: 250mm x 250mm + 110mm flap closure

    Holds 1 (or 2) cashmere sweaters

    The largest gift box of them all. Perfect for a neatly laid pure cashmere sweater or two. Or maybe even a couple of Japanese fabric jeans, perfectly rolled to sit side-by-side. If you are gifting a fan of HEATTECH, then you'll be able to stack at least 4 pieces of our heat retaining inner-wear in this box, with absolute ease.


Please note that the gift boxes do not come with products and / or garments packed inside.

A gift box can only be returned if it is unused and in the same condition in which it was sent to you. Boxes which are wrapped, used or written on will not be refunded.

If your gift box was free as part of an offer, you cannot exchange nor part exchange it.

Please keep the boxes away from young children, as the corners of the box could cause harm and be potentially hazardous.

UNIQLO reserves the right to change the prices of the gift boxes at any time without warning. This does not affect your statuary rights.

Please note that the prices of gift boxes online may differ to the prices in store. Please also note that any promotional offers on gift boxes will not necessarily be available online, and that any promotional offers on gift boxes online will not necessarily be available in store. This does not affect your statuary rights.

Treat your gift box with care, so that it lasts and can be re-used and re-purposed.

Please be aware that the large gift box is not large enough to hold any form of UNIQLO outerwear, aside from a folded and completely flattened Ultra Light Down jacket / parka / coat.


1.5mm thick White Lined Grey Board. White side of the board to show internally. Wrapped externally in Bright White C2S Artpaper.

Please note that the enclosure flaps / fastening of these gift boxes contain magnets. Therefore, please be cautious when placing these gift boxes near small metallic objects.