With improved materials, UNIQLO's fleece jacket is warmer and lighter.


Going back to the starting point of fabrics. UNIQLO's unique sponge fleece.

UNIQLO revolutionized the traditional fleece jacket. After seeking high-dimensional lightness, warmth, comfort, and easy care, UNIQLO took a second look at the fabrics. The fabric used on the men's fleece full-zip jacket is a sponge fleece made of polyester. The textile is made with special knitting structures unique to UNIQLO with lots of airspace in the fleece. This newly invented fabric is the secret to warmer fleece and was created by reviewing the origins of fleece. Touch this advanced fleece to instantly feel the difference.

Carefully designed sizing fits any body shape.

We also studied the sizing of the fleece jacket. UNIQLO men's medium, for example, targets those who are 165 to 175 centimeters tall. Within this category are many different body shapes ranging tall to short to thick and thin. UNIQLO conducted trial fitting numerous times by sampling T-shirts to fit minimum and maximum body shapes within one size to ensure appropriate sizing with the proper balance for any body shape.


Detailed sewing process creates neat seam margin.

To prevent clunky seam margins and to make a neat look, UNIQLO paid particular attention to the details. We used tape to hide the seam margin around the neck and finished the backside of the zipper to look natural. Additionally, minimizing the seam margin creates a simple look and reduces stress on the skin as much as possible because it directly contacts the skin.


Three-dimensional and functional. Check out the trihedral structure on the sides.

The pattern design focused on mobility to create a three-dimensional look in a jacket by using a trihedral structure on the side and the seams on the sleeves even though it is a cut and sew. The sleeves are based on an ergonomic design that reduces stress on the shoulders and arms. The pockets are placed along the seam lines on both sides for a slim look.

The piping on the hems, sleeves, and neckline helps prevent body heat from escaping.

Piping on the hems, sleeves, and neckline creates a slim contour and helps prevent body heat from escaping because it prevents outside air from entering. In addition, hiding the zipper tooth line also seals out air. Despite the simple look, it offers functions that are sensitive to the small details.


Secret of non-pilling fabric-anti-pilling process.

Fleece fabrics pill easily when worn repeatedly. UNIQLO's new fleece jacket is treated with an anti-pilling process to prevent pilling as much as possible. The process creates pilling artificially and treats the surface by shearing. Pilling is already removed so that it creates hard-to-pill fabrics.

Superior heat-retaining property under outer clothes.

This fleece jacket can be worn as a hoodie over a T-shirt but you can really feel the warmth when wearing it under outer clothes. By enclosing the air, the heat-retaining property of the fleece is most efficient. It provides a light, smooth fit for an essential item as winter's layered clothing style.