With material selection and design dedication, the classic sweat parka is re-born.


From underwear to outerwear-the birth of a new classic sweat hoodie.

UNIQLO upgraded traditional sweat hoodies as a layered clothing style to offer outerwear as well as a basic item to be worn throughout the year. The new hoodie is just simple, which is why we spent over one year to study and improve to create this new style. Despite all that goodness, it is offered at the same price.

Unbelievable pattern design creates sleeve lines that do not change when an arm is raised.

Along with clothes making concentrating on and patterning techniques, clothes now have an improved fit.  Additionally, to reduce the tasteless look, we improve the line of this full-zip hoodie. Our full-zip hoodie offers an ideal length making it a new standard to be worn anytime by anyone.


Secret behind stress-free touch is created with the seams of the backing fabric.

UNIQLO focused on comfort to the touch when worn and reduced the lumpiness of the seams on the back. By using extremely thin fabric, and less of it, around the seams, UNIQLO achieved a smooth, comfortable fit free from stress.


Carefully designed sizing fits any body shape.

It is just a plain hoodie—which is why we thoroughly studied the sizing. UNIQLO men's medium, for example, targets those who are 165 to 175 centimeters tall. Within this category, there are many body shapes ranging from tall to short to thick and thin. UNIQLO conducted trial fitting numerous times by sampling T-shirts to fit minimum and maximum body shapes within one size to ensure appropriate sizing with the proper balance for any body shape.

Improved dimensional hood maintains its shape even when not worn.

The hood on our new hoodies makes a big difference in the impression when worn. This new hoodie is designed to maintain its beautiful three-dimensional shape when worn and not worn. The thickness and three-dimensional hood is created by employing special patterns and slightly forward sewing positions on the body of the hoodie, as well as a different type of a fabric lined with a raised fabric. This type of hoodie is rare; it is the first trial of its kind at UNIQLO to use different fabrics for the body and the hood.


Excellent thickness, lightweight, and fast-drying properties of the upgraded fabrics.

Durable, thick, and lightweight yet fast drying. To realize the apparently opposing properties, UNIQLO repeatedly studied the blend of fabrics and construction and improved the fabrics by layering cotton, polyester, and cotton/polyester blend fabrics. Additionally, highly durable, elastic, non-sagging special fabrics offer softness. Also, a non-raised fabric is used as the lining to offer excellent ventilation and elasticity.