Body hugging stretch down jacket.


Figure flattering down jacket, perfect for women.

Down jackets often make you look bigger than you really are. So, we started by creating our patterns by pasting Japanese washi paper on real people's bodies. In this way we were able to create designs that fit better and are comfortable to wear, achieving the ultimate fit. We've successfully created down jackets that have feminine curves. The amount of down for the underarms, under sleeves, and waist has been meticulously adjusted to give your arms a slim look. The waist has been tailored to enhance your figure. The fabric used is stretchy to ensure freedom of movement and comfort.


Elastic cuffs and hems for enhanced insulation.

Elastic is used in the cuffs and bottom hem to shape them inward. Not only does this block the cold winds but it also creates a rounded, feminine finish.


Your back is the key to a comfortable fit.

Your back determines the comfort of clothing. If your back has good mobility, you feel unrestrained even if the clothing is tight fitting. We’ve taken particular care in the flexibility of the back of the down jacket. We have achieved a comfortable fit without compromising the slim look in the bust area by using a stretchy fabric for the back and a non-stretchy fabric for the front.


In the pursuit of warmth, the amount of down has been adjusted for each area.

The down jacket has a combination of 80% down and 20% feather, which is nothing special compared to any other down jacket. But, what makes the UNIQLO down jackets unique is that the amount of down has been adjusted depending on the area; we put more in the back to keep you even warmer. The figure-hugging design enhances warmth, and we have improved its heat-retention properties by using elastic in the hem and the sleeves.

Our secret is that not only is the outer material stretchy but so, too, are the inner down packs.

Jersey fabric is used for the outer material to retain attractive lines and shape. But that's not all, we have chosen stretchy material for the inner down packs, designed to prevent unequal distribution and loss of feather down, to further enhance elasticity.


Why not try a size smaller than your usual size?

The benefit of elasticity is not only mobility. As our down jackets are made based on a quality three-dimensional design, it allows you to move comfortably even if the jacket is a tight fit. So why not try a size smaller than your usual size and get a stylish look? The arms of the jackets are based on a three-dimensional design tailored to the full range of arm movements making it easy to put on and move. Our down jackets are even more compact and have a detachable hood to give you a variety of looks.

A detachable hood for two distinctive styles.

Thanks to the detachable hood, the coat gives you two different styles to enjoy. When you're after a smart look, wear it without the hood, and when you want a casual look, wear it with the hood. Depending on the situation or how you feel, wear the jacket however you like.