High quality down jacket, specially designed for reduced weight.


What is Premium Down?

Premium down is made of a combination of down and feathers. Down refers to the round soft plumage that grows densely without a rachis on the chest area of water birds, and the feather is the bird's outer feathers. It is believed that the higher the ratio of down, the warmer, softer, and superior the quality. Fill power is used to measure the bounce and fluffiness of down. It is generally believed that the down must have a fill power of at least 550 to be considered high quality. The higher the fill power, the greater the ability to hold air and work as a heat retainer. UNIQLO's ultra light jacket features 90% down and 10% feather with a fill power of more than 640. Its thinness, lightness, warmth, and softness are made possible by the high quality materials.

From the weaving of yarn to its final completion, we insisted on a three dimensional design.

Of course we meticulously calculated the proportions and measurements for each size, but we were also determined that our three dimensional design was implemented at each process to create a truly three-dimensional shape. When looking at the jacket from the side on, the three dimensional sleeves, tailored to the shape of your arms, lean forward slightly.


In our pursuit of further weight reduction, our Ultra Light jacket is ever evolving.

The key to a lighter jacket was to use an extra fine yarn made of nylon, which is lighter and more durable than cotton or polyester. Typically, down jackets have two layers of material due to down packs designed to prevent the feathers from poking through the outer material. In other words, usually a total of four pieces of fabric are used to contain the down, but in this case UNIQLO’s ultra light down jacket does not use down packs. Instead, the outer and inner material has been specially treated by the application of heat and pressure to increase its density making it impenetrable by feather down without down packs.

It is portable and fits in your pocket, so convenient.

The jacket can be easily folded into the accompanying pouch. It's light and compact so it can be easily carried just like a compact umbrella. It's perfect for travelling, outdoor use, to keep in your car, or in an emergency kit.


What increases when decreasing the amount of down?

The amount of down not only affects the volume and weight of the jacket, but also its overall shape and comfort. Frequently moved parts, including underarms and the inner sides of the sleeves, have had the amount of down intentionally reduced to ensure increased range and ease of movement. But that's not all, the quilting on each side of the body is sewn straight down from the underarms to the bottom hem, designed to enhance and compliment your body shape. This vertical quilting requires a precise technique, as the down, naturally, tends to fall down. Although technically difficult to make, we insisted on this design, adjusting the quilt width over and over again, down to the millimeter, to create a body-flattering down jacket.


Now available with a water-resistant matte finish.

This year’s jacket has been treated with a water-resistant finish that is able to repel water. But that’s not all, by blending a special ceramic with the nylon thread, the material has been given a powdery texture and matte finish in contrast with the inner material.

So light that you'll forget that you have it on; incredibly light weight, approximately equal to the weight of three eggs.

We have been challenging the commonly held belief that a down jacket must be heavy and bulky to be warm since 2008 to create lighter down jackets, and in 2010, we reached a weight of 206 g, which is equal to the approximate weight of three eggs (size L women’s parka). It’s incredibly light but sure to keep you warm throughout the winter. Comfortably worn even with a number of layers underneath, a new UNIQLO classic.